Package #3 – House File 517 Story

TRT – 1:05

Anchor Lead (:10)

A bill that would allow people with gun permits to carry on college campuses is gaining traction in the state senate. Daily Iowan’s Joe Fisher has the report from the state capitol.


Take VO (:00 – :14)

The bill is now called House File 517. If passed, it would prohibit universities and community colleges from stopping licensed gun owners from carrying guns on campus. I spoke with Republican Senator Jake Chapman about why he supports this bill.


Take SOT –Jake Chapman (:14 – :35)


CG: Jake Chapman – ( R ) District 10 Senator


Incue:  “If you look at the statistical data…”

Outcue: “…these mass shootings are occurring in gun free zones.”



Standup (:35- :46)


CG: Joe Fisher – @joefisherui

House Bill 517 now faces the Iowa Senate Judiciary Committee. Democratic Senator Jeff Danielson has urged Republican Senators to reconsider passing the bill


Take SOT-Jeff Danielson (:46- :58)


CG: Jeff Danielson- (D) District 30 Senator


Incue: “I don’t think its safe…”

Outcue: “…and not do this.”


Take VO (:58- 1:05)


Sig out

From the state capitol building in Des Moines Iowa, I’m Joe Fisher, Daily Iowan TV



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