Package #4 – E-Sports’ Rise and the Big Ten Network


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There is a new genre of sport growing around the world. It’s called E-Sports and Big Ten Conference schools are getting in on the action. Daily Iowan’s Joe Fisher has more from the Iowa campus


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The Big Ten Network and video game publisher Riot Games have partnered to bring the E-Sports scene to college campuses and to viewers.

CG (League of Legends – Video courtesy of University of Iowa League of Legends Club Facebook Page)

Riot Games is the publisher of the online computer game League of Legends, which is being played competitively amongst 12 Big Ten schools and broadcasted on the Big Ten Networks streaming service.

Play SOT (Scott Walker) – Volume Fade In

Scott Walker is a member of Iowa’s League of Legends varsity team. His skills have earned him a $5000 scholarship from Riot Games.


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CG – “Scott Walker- League of Legends varsity team member”

“It started growing and I started realizing, and a lot of people did, Oh! This is gonna become something pretty big.

Standup (:18)

CG (Joe Fisher-@joefisherui)

Other prominent E-Sport games include Street Fighter, Overwatch, and Super Smash Brothers. With some professional players earning upward of a million dollars a year through sponsorships and tournament winnings, the scholarships like the one Scott Walker received may only be the beginning.


Iowa’s League of Legends team coach Kyle Warren says although support for collegiate E-Sports isn’t a big product yet, that may soon change.

Take SOT (:05)

CG (Kyle Warren – Coach-Iowa League of Legends Team)

“I think it will be a scholarship or a sport in the next couple of years around the country”

VO (:14)

The E-Sports industry is projected to double its audience and earn a revenue of almost 1.5 billion dollars by 2020.

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From Iowa City I’m Joe Fisher, Daily Iowan TV



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